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Mānuka Honeycomb

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 Nostalgia at its best

Our Honeycomb has been enjoyed for years so we wanted to bring it into the fold at Ao.

A playful rendition of the Crunchy Bar, my mothers favourite, Hokey Pokey was always in our household growing up. Mum loved it, Dad loved it, we all loved it. 

Working with our whānau at Tai Tokerau Honey

We make our Mānuka Honeycomb with our favourite Manuka Honey to provide a deep rich Honeycomb flavour. 
We enrobe it in our 65% Tiakarete to balance the sweetness. 

250g Pouches

Made Fresh
Shelf life 1 month
Keep in a cool dry place (18C/64F)

Organic Ingredients: Manuka Honey, Cane sugar, Bicarbonate of soda. 

Allergens: Honey 


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Mānuka Honeycomb