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Tablet Bars

Tablet Bars

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Our Tablet Bars, 

50g, made using Pacific Beans. Respecting our cousins in the pacific we take care of these beans storing them in a controlled area before we sort, roast, winnow, grind / conche, temper and wrap by hand. 

Small batch, indigenous grown and made tiakarete (chocolate)

we are forever evolving, playing with new flavours and ideas from what inspires us through the maramataka.

grow with us as our offering evolves. life is a journey, let's enjoy it together through tiakarete (journey)



Our Origins. Born in 94.

Navigating our position in Te Ao Tiakarete, this is our truest form in a bar. 94% dark enough to be indulgent, but balanced to let the beans shine. (plant based)


Our answer to the 70% craze.

Sweet enough. Dark enough. Just right. (plant based)

50% Dark Milk

Milk is not indigenous to our whenua, however we work with indigenous owned dairy farms to make sure our dairy we use is cared for and respected. 50% Tiakarete Miraka, giving you the best of both worlds we walk in. 

43% Everything Gianduja

Gianduja - a blend of nuts sugar and chocolate. 

We combine Macadamia from Torere, and hazelnut to make the most silky smooth dairy free milk chocolate you could have. 


76% Tai Tokerau Olive Oil

Northland in a bar.

We bring our favourite olive oil in Aotearoa from our home whenua. 

Combine with our 76% dark chocolate and you have a silky, clean fresh fragrant chocolate.



We know what you're thinking, what kind of edible is this? 

Well we infuse seasonally and dose it correctly into this bar available in dark tiakarete. (plant based) Currently: Kawakawa.

Speculoos (Biscoff)

Many say white chocolate isn't chocolate, Well truth be told it is a cocoa product.

This season we have created a white chocolate bar made with pacific cocoa butter and we have added our favourite flavour of Speculoos (Biscoff) biscuit. A childhood favourite of mine. Vegan Friendly. 


Allergens: Dairy (50% Dark Milk)  Made Fresh. Shelf life 12 months. Keep in a cool dry place. (18C/64F)


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Allergens & Storage Instructions

Allergens: Contains Nuts Made Fresh. Best eaten within 14 days of purchase. Keep in a cool dry place. (18C/64F)

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