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Wright's Dairy Milk Chocolate 33%

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2024 Outstanding Producer Awards Gold Medal Winner

Elevate your Senses with Wright's Dairy

Our Milk Chocolate pays homage to Thomas' Ancestors—the esteemed Wright's Dairy from Chelsea. Collaborating with dairy farmers, we've artfully crafted a decadent bar that embodies both creamy richness and velvety smoothness, a creation that T.J. Wright himself would take pride in. 

- Weight: 50g
- Shelf Life: 12 months
- Storage: Maintain in a cool, dry place (18C/64F)

Organic Ingredients:
- Cacao
- Cocoa Butter
- Cane Sugar
- Milk 

Allergens: Milk

Immerse yourself in the luxurious simplicity of Wright's Dairy —a beautiful testament to heritage and flavour.