Chocolatier Consultancy

You have a project to create a new range of products...
- You want to perfect and evolve your range of chocolates and confectionary...
- You want to learn more about chocolate and confectionary, so as to be more independent...

I advise you how to solve your chocolate and confectionery issues.

- You want to extend the shelf life of your chocolates or confectionery...
- You have conservation problems on your chocolates: fat blooming, sugar blooming, mould, drying, cracks... 
Do you have any doubts about a particular technique? Do you want to obtain an expert’s advice on a recipe or a preparation? Do you want to balance a new recipe? Are you looking for new inspirations?
My consultancy service is made for you.


Book an hour of consultation with me, to discuss any topic related to chocolate.
This is for you: if you want to deepen a specific topic or to talk about a particular technique


Are you experiencing an issue with a recipe? I will help you to solve the problem. After revising the recipe, I will send it back to you and, during the online consultation, we can discuss together the improvement
This for you: if you have a recipe that you are not fully satisfied with.


This consultancy option is the most complete and involves four distinct phases:
  1. Online consultancy session with me to get to know the business and guide ideas
  2. Research & development phase for the elaboration of one or more exclusive recipe(s) or project / product
  3. Sending the complete recipe and further online consultancy sessions to support the creation of the recipe
  4. Project fulfilment - After confirmation of the project, I will then deliver your dream project into reality. If it is a bespoke product made by me you will receive the full experience that I offer in regards to the craft. If it is a service I have provided such as recipe or theory then I will make sure you are left with being able to replicate the recipe or theory identical to myself consistently. 
This for you: if you want new inspiration, or want a professional chocolatier to make your dream come to life in chocolate form. 


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