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Paraina Tiakarete / Praline Chocolate 

My version of the famous hazelnut spread aka the NO-Tella... no palm oil here.

Home roasted nut butter blended with maple sugar, and cacao. Simple. 

Karamere Tote Moana / Sea Salt Caramel 

Simple Salted Caramel in a jar using a blend of my favourite sea salts from around the world. 

All Jars hold 375g of product. designed for sharing, that includes you and your feelings too. 

Tip: Best heated up and served with Ice Cream, on toast, bagels, crumpets or straight from the jar. 


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Allergens & Storage Instructions

Allergens: Contains Nuts Made Fresh. Best eaten within 14 days of purchase. Keep in a cool dry place. (18C/64F)

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